Upcoming Tengah EC Near to Choa Chu Kang and Bukit Batok With Green Features

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Tengah EC or Executive Condominiums is a newly developed executive condominiums located right in the midst of Tengah Town located in the scenic green valley of Tengah EC in Central Singapore. The Tengah EC has been an extremely successful economic developmental project in the central region of Singapore and it has recently been rated as one of the world’s top twenty most rapidly growing communities in a report by Fast Brands. Tengah Garden Walk EC boasts of an amazing array of recreational facilities and activities, modern flats with ultra-modern amenities and fantastic shopping centres all of which contribute to the growing local economy.

When it comes to lifestyle Tengah EC delivers a unique blend of modern living with its emphasis on sustainable living through its planned community model. Tengah EC residents’ forum provides residents with the opportunity to air their views and express themselves in a way that is protected by their own home. Tengah’s garden walk and recreational spaces are open to the public and residents have the benefit of having easy access to the rest of the local area while taking part in all the great local activities.

Tengah Town is strategically located in the heart of Central Business Districts (CBDs), the central business district of Singapore and near to Choa Chu Kang and Bukit Batok. This strategic location near to Jurong provides residents with easy access to the other districts and the city centre which is only a short taxi ride away. Additionally, Tengah EC residents have easy access to the major bus stations and the national airport making it easier for them to access all the key facilities in Tengah. In addition to the convenient location of Tengah Town, it also offers residents an environmentally friendly and smart and sustainable town. It has established an excellent environmental management strategy, which includes high quality green roofing and a smart and sustainable town planning approach.

Tengah EC has made great progress in preserving its environment through its smart and sustainable development policies. Through its Comprehensive Assessment Scheme, the town has made a commendable contribution towards protecting the environment. Through this scheme, the town has ensured that most of its development areas will be built to high standard. The scheme established a legal obligation for developers to include sustainable and smart features in their projects while simultaneously complying with the Government’s stringent National Parks and Forests Act 1997.

Tengah EC also has a green image and has implemented many green features and measures in its development process. Tengah has invested substantially in its Community Parks and its Jurong Region Line. These parks provide a great space for recreational activities and provide an alternative to using the local bus or public transport system. In addition, Tengah EC implemented the Regional Green Project which involves the planting of many shade trees and shrubs along the regional and arterial roads.

Tengah EC is located close to two important cities, namely, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Tengah EC Residents can access their local shops and shopping centres easily with the availability of several public transport options including the train, buses and diesel buses. The residents of Tengah EC are close to their home community of Bukit Timah and Bukit Batok and have easy access to the major commercial centres of Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. As for the central business district (CBD), it is only one kilometre away from the residents of Tengah Town. Thus, people who work in the central business district can easily relocate to Tengah and enjoy the benefits of their home town.

Tengah EC is also located near some of the best public transport options in Jurong and Bukit Batok. The residents of Tengah have access to shopping centres including Westgate and Jurong East Shopping Mall otherwise known as JEM. The residents of Tengah EC have direct access to their local shopping centres as well as the entertainment and recreational facilities of the community. The residents of Tengah EC can continue their daily commute to work while enjoying the convenience of having an efficient public transportation system at their disposal.

For those Tengah EC residents who wish to have a greener environment at their homes, Tengah EC offers a green living village which is designed to reduce carbon footprint while offering residents environmentally friendly solutions to their individual problems. One of the biggest concerns of most residents is the carbon footprint of their household. The carbon footprint of Tengah EC residents is less when compared to the carbon footprint of residents of other communities in Central Malaysia. Tengah residents can take advantage of the carbon neutral home plans that the developers have come up with and have a greener and more environmentally friendly home upon completion of their project.

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