Belgravia Ace by Ang Mo Kio Tong Eng Group at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5

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Belgravia Ace is a new development located right at the heart of Ang Mo Kio by Tong Eng Brothers. Belgravia Ace is the perfect choice for any family or investors. The sophisticated architecture of this place will simply amaze you. It is one of the finest examples of colonial architecture in South-East Asia. Its blend of Asian and English styles designs will surely enthrall you. Apart from that, Belgravia Ace is surrounded by natural scenic beauty and is the perfect getaway for holiday makers, tourists, and business men.

Belgravia Ace luxurious villa is one of the three Singapore tourist destinations that are located just next to Serangoon and Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5. From the moment you step outside your luxurious Belgravia Ace home, you will be immediately welcomed by the inviting aroma of the Singapore cuisine. Belgravia Ace landscape design is superb and it provides a panoramic view of the city landscape. With its majestic views of the coast and the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, this is one of the ideal spots for family living in a urbna setting. If you love these recreational activities, then you will truly enjoy staying at the private residential area of Belgravia Ace Singapore, which is conveniently located near to the popular Singapore beaches such as the Orchard Road, the Singapore River and the Boat Quay.

The developers of the project of Ang Mo Kio Belgravia Ace include the private developer Christian Brothers International, the Singapore Technologies for Education (STIE) and the private developer Tong Eng Group. These companies have dedicated their time and effort in transforming Belgravia Ace building into a modern yet impressive property of Singapore. This new modernistic structure of Ang Mo Kio is also known as the “Ayers Scheme”. Belgravia Ace architects and developers have tried hard to give the property the sophisticated look and feel of an international class residence without neglecting the comfort and convenience of the common man. The result of their hard work and dedication is that the area now boasts of an extremely spacious interiors for Belgravia Ace with various amenities that one can experience while residing at the luxurious Singapore hotels.

Most of the Singapore properties at Ang Mo Kio are spread across fourteen unique terraces. Each of the terrace is given the status of a separate unit. The luxury Singapore hotels are strategically placed at key locations to make these areas more user friendly. The elevators, escalators, handicap-accessible public toilets and facilities for meeting, conference and socializing are all part of what makes these apartments, condos and villas a favorite among residents of the private residences.

Belgravia Ace Ang Mo Kio Villas

Belgravia Ace luxury apartments at the luxurious Singapore hotels are equipped with full kitchens, equipped with microwave ovens, dishwashers, gas stoves, toasters, coffee makers, blenders, fruit and vegetable presses, water features, steam showers, backyard barbecue pits, air conditioners, security systems with CCTV and safety gates as well as fully equipped modernized bathrooms and bedrooms. All of these modernized facilities are a part of what makes Belgravia Ace apartments, villas and condos at Ang Mo Kio a preferred choice among local and foreign investors. These are also equipped with state-of-the-art security systems such as round the clock video surveillance, with digital video recorders, DVR’s, panic buttons, remote controlled locks, anti-burglary systems, fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. All of these are highly functional as these are all necessary for the safe protection of your belongings and investments.

Belgravia Ace prime focus of the luxury villas at Ang Mo Kio is to provide you with the ultimate experience of living at a luxurious private residential site in Singapore. All of the luxurious villas at Ang Mo Kio are surrounded by spectacular Singapore landscape. The landscape at Ang Mo Kio is known to be one of the finest Singapore landscape to boast of. This is because of the extensive development work carried out on the seletar airfield at Ang Mo Kio, which has now turned into one of the prime business and travel hubs of Singapore.

Belgravia Ace luxurious villas are located at locations that are convenient to all major business and shopping districts of the country. Most of the private residential properties at Ang Mo Kio are located close to the Singapore airport, the Sentosa Island, the Singapore Botanical Gardens and the Singapore River. In addition to the luxury Belgravia Ace villas, there are also a number of serviced apartments, high rise commercial units and low rise commercial units available at Ang Mo Kio estate properties, which offer complete amenities at an affordable cost.

There are also a number of luxury villas at Ang Mo Kio that make for a perfect getaway during your Singapore holiday. Most of the luxury villas available at Ang Mo Kio have beautiful swimming pools and health clubs for residents to enjoy. Most of the villas come with an independent kitchen and a spacious living room for relaxing after a long day at work. You can easily find a number of cheap Singapore hotels at Ang Mo Kio, which makes for an easy accommodation during your stay in the country. If you want to enjoy the wonderful scenery of Singapore holidays, then you can book one of the many luxury Singapore hotels located at Ang Mo Kio, including some of the best Singapore hotels at Marina Bay Sands Singapore.

The luxurious Singapore landed properties such as Belgravia Ace Singapore are located at the centre of the city. The prime accommodation area is located near the airport and the Sentosa Island. The luxurious accommodations are fully equipped with all modern facilities and services to make the stay of the guest in the prime Singapore hotels in the best possible way. The best of accommodation facilities are provided by the developers namely, Britant International, Singorama and TSS Properties.

beautiful Singapore landed properties like Belgravia Ace Singapore offer a wide range of private residential area including flat for rent, bungalows, mansions and condominiums to make your holiday in …

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