Nim Collection Bukit Sembawang Landed Property

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Singapore is a place that has a lot of residential options. This is because the amount of land in Singapore is decreasing considerably. Condo or Landed properties are becoming quite popular nowadays. But choosing between these will not be an easy task. A condo is luxurious and looks highly modern too. Landed property will always have a lot of space which will always be very attractive.

Landed Property Owner Nim Collection

In case of a condo, the specific parts of a residential unit are individually owned. The common areas, which include the land would be collectively owned by the owners of all the units. There are executive condos and there are private condos. An executive condo will be a public-private condo. A private condo is one in which the land title will not be given. A landed property would be something like Nim Collection by Bukit Sembawang.

Landed Property Nim Collection Bukit Sembawang

In case of a landed property, the property will be attached to a piece of land. Hence the owner will be having the title of the land too. Different kinds of landed property are there. These would include a bungalow, conservation, terrace, detached, D’s, and town house. Based on the size as well as location of the property, the landed property can fetch a big price in the market. This is why they are always in the top rung in the property market.

Bukit Sembawang Nim Collection Ang Mo Kio

There would always be world-class amenities offered in a condo. These would include a swimming pool, landscaped garden, kid’s playground, tennis ground, function room, gym, security round the clock and so on. Landed property on the other hand would include much lesser facilities. It may include a swimming pool or a clubhouse. Such kind of facilities will be available only in case of landed properties that would be in a gated community.

Condo will always be in a prime district while landed properties will not be near the prime key districts.

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